Testing Facilities: Energy Meters
Electrical and Electronic (Static) Energy meters
Product: Energy Meters
Rating 3 phase, 3X63.5V to 300V, 1A to 120A, class 0.2 and above and 1 phase, 63.5V to 300V, 1A to 120A, class 0.2 and above
Products IS: 13010-2002, IS: 13779-1999, IS: 14697-1999, CBIP Report 304, IEC: 62052-11-2003, IEC: 62053-11, 2003, IEC: 62053-21-23- 2003
Dielectric strength or AC high voltage test
Insulation resistance / insulation test
Test on limits of errors/ test of accuracy requirement
Test of meter constant
Test of starting conditions
Running with no load / test of no-load condition
Power loss / power consumption
Repeatability of error test
Test of influence quantities
a. Frequency variation
b. Voltage variation
c. DC magnet induction of external origin
d. AC magnetic induction of external origin
e. Magnetic induction of permanent magnet
f. Harmonic component in the voltage and current circuits
g. Influence of supply voltage/ voltage dips and interruptions
Energy Meter
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