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ERDA is a premier Electrical & Power sector Research & Development Organisation of the nation providing services to the Power Sector in three technical areas of “Testing & Evaluation”, “Field Services”, and “R&D and Expert Services”.  These services are provided through its 24 state-of-the-art centres located at its head office in Vadodara and three regional laboratories ERDA (West) – Navi Mumbai, ERDA (North) – Gurgaon and ERDA (South) – Rajahmundry.  ERDA services more than 15,000 clients annually from India and abroad for nearly 150 electrical products under NABL, BIS & ASTA (USA) certification. A brief capability profile of ERDA under its three business verticals is presented below:

1. Testing & Evaluation - NABL Accredited & BIS Approved

  • On-line Short Circuit Test Stations: 120kA, 575V – 1 Station & 50kA, 550V – 2 Stations (Short Circuit Test Capability for Transformers: 33kV, 4MVA; 22kV, 1 MVA; 11kV, 1.6 MVA)
  • Impulse Generators 1600kVp, 80kJ – 2 Stations and 800kVp, 40kJ – 1 Station
  • High Voltage Transformers 700kV and 600kV
  • Temperature-Rise Test Facility upto 20kA for Switchgear Products
  • Transformer Test Facility as per IS: 1180 for 33 kV, 2.5 MVA Class Transformers
  • Time Current Characteristics upto 40kA for Switchgear Products
  • Electrical Endurance Test upto 2.5kA at 690V for Switchgear Products
  • Mechanical Endurance Test for HT Circuit Breakers upto 145 kV
  • IP 40 Tonnes (IP 5X & 6X), (6.8m x 5.8m x 5.0m Chamber Size)
  • Energy Meters including Smart Meters upto 200A
  • Current Transformers upto 3200A, 0.05 Accuracy Class (Laboratory & Site)
  • Voltage Transformers upto 220kV, 0.1 Accuracy Class (Laboratory) & upto 33 kV, 0.2 Accuracy Class (Site)
  • Motors & Pump testing facility up to 150 HP
  • Cable Test Facility for Type Tests, Acceptance Tests, & Routine Test upto 66kV Class
  • Type Test Facility for Magnetic Laminations/CRGO
  • Transformer Oil Testing, DGA & Furan Analysis
  • Conductors upto 400kV Class
  • Test Centre for Insulating Materials used in Transformers & other Power Equipment
  • Bushings upto 72.5 kV Class
  • Ceramic & Polymeric Insulators upto 400 kV Class
  • Isolators up to 220 kV class
  • Semi Anechoic EMI/EMC Chamber – 10m with 3 T Payload Turn Table
  • Mirror Type ‘C’ Goniophotometer for Evaluation of LED based Lighting Systems & all types of Luminaires
  • Facility for Evaluation of Solar Pumps up to 10 HP rating and Solar Inverters as per IS/IEC: 61683 (Solar Pump Testing Facility is Equipped with a Solar PV Array Simulator)
  • Energy Meters including Smart Meters - Rating up to 200 A
  • Evaluation of Appliances and IT/Electronic Products
  • LT/HT Capacitors (LT: 0-1000V, 0-50 kVAr and HT: 0-8kV, 242 kVAr)
  • Vibration Dampers
  • Calibration Services (NABL Accredited) for electro-technical, thermal, optical & mechanical disciplines

2. Field Services

2.1      Onsite Testing of Transformers (100 MVA, 220kV Class) – NABL Accredited

  • Testing using ERDA’s Calibrated Instruments.  Power Transformers can be Tested for Routine & Temperature Rise tests

2.2      Third Party Inspection

  • Third Party Inspection of all Types of Electrical Equipment including Power and Distribution Transformers, CTs, PTs, CVTs, Conductors, Bushings, Insulators, Cables, Circuit Breakers, Energy Meters, Relays, etc.
  • Third Party Vendor Evaluation

 2.3      Consultancy for Electric Transmission and Distribution Sector Projects

ERDA is actively engaged as TPIEA in States of Goa & Chhattisgarh and as PMA in States of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Kerala. Services offered include:

  • Baseline AT & Class Verification under R-APDRP
  • Distribution System Analysis and Improvement
  • Reduction in Transmission Losses
  • Impact Assessment under R-APRDP
  • Project Management of T&D Projects
  • Assessment of Agricultural Consumption
  • Design of HVDS
  • DPR Preparation
  • Energy Audit Studies of Distribution Feeders
  • Third Party Inspection, Supervision, and Monitoring of Projects Funded under Various Government Schemes - ADB, HVDS, IPDS, DDUGJY (erstwhile RGGVY), Feeder Separation, etc.

3. R&D and Expert Services

3.1   Research & Development

R&D is focused on applied research for the benefit of power sector along with product/instrumentation development.  R&D activities are carried out under the following technology missions:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Renewable Energy
  • Diagnostics
  • Power Systems & Smart Grid
  • New Product Technologies

 3.2      Expert Services

  • Power System Stability and Power System Dynamics
  • Power Quality Assessment & Mitigation Solutions
  • Electrical Diagnostics (Transformers, Cables, Switchyard Equipment, Lightning Arresters, etc.)
  • Energy Audits
  • NDT/RLA & Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Failure Analysis of Systems/Equipment/Components
  • Health Index for Power Transformers
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