Advanced Materials Laboratory

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Advanced Materials

ERDA is working on advance materials to develop new class of nano-dielectrics, materials for battery electrodes, contact materials and novel performance enhancing coatings for applications in thermal, hydro and photovoltaic power plants.

Electrical Research and Development Association


  • Battery materials development facilities: glove box, vacuum mixer, electrode coater, calendaring machine and coin cell crimping machine
  • Performance analysis of batteries and battery materials: Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) with various cell configurations
  • Material Characterization equipments: Optical Microscopes, SEM, XRD, EDS, and Thermal conductivity instrument
  • Dielectric characterization of insulating materials: Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS)
  • Laboratory scale processing facilities: compounder, two-roll mill, sonicators, high temperature furnace, micro-wave furnace, ageing ovens etc.
  • Nano material synthesis: High Energy Ball Mill and well equipped chemical laboratory for molecular self-assembly, sol gel and hydro thermal synthesis.

R&D Project Areas

  • Electrically insulating materials (Nano-dielectrics)
  • Battery developments based on advance cell chemistry and flow cell battery
  • Contact materials for switchgears
  • Green hydrogen

Expert Services

RCA of Electrical products
  • Power cables and accessories (cable joints and termination)
  • Insulators
  • Power transformer
  • Bushings and CT / PT
  • Overhead conductors
RCA of Power plant components
  • Boiler Tube
  • Motor shafts
  • Turbine blades
  • Bearing and spring
Material Characterization Services
  • Thermal, dielectric and spectroscopic analysis of materials
  • Battery materials: electrodes, electrolytes
  • Thermal & electrical aging of materials

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