Cable Laboratory

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Cable Laboratory

Cables Evaluation up to 245 kV

Cable is an important part of the power system for transmission, distribution utilization of electricity. ERDA is fully equipped with all required facilities for evaluation of PVC, XLPE, Elastomer, Aerial Bunched, Power cable, Control cable, Flame retardant, Flame retardant low smoke, Fire survival LT / HT cables up to 245 kV and their respective raw materials.

Electrical Research and Development Association


State-of-the-art evaluation facilities for type tests, acceptance tests, routine tests as well as special tests are available in accordance with national and international standards. Following Infrastructure is available at ERDA for evaluation of cables as per national and international standards.

  • Accelerated Ageing Ovens
  • Thermal Stability Test
  • Humidity Chamber
  • Automatic Hot Set Test
  • Kelvin Double Bridge
  • Digital High Resistance Meter – 1015 Ohms, 1000 V
  • Flexing, Bending, Wear Resistance, Abrasion Resistance Evaluation Apparatus
  • Universal Tensile Machine
  • UV / Xenon Weathering
  • Oxygen Index & Temperature Index
  • Smoke Emission – 3 cubic metre chamber
  • Flammability on Single Cable / Bunched Cable as per IS, IEC, BS and IEEE
  • Fire Survival – Cat C, W and Z
  • Fire Survival Test Facility for large and small dia cables as per BS 8491 and as per BS EN 50200 F-120
  • Toxicity Index
  • Flammability Test as per IS, IEC, ASTM, SS-424/1475
  • Partial Discharge Bridge & Balance Detector
  • High Current Source (Induction type) up to 4000 A
  • High Voltage Transformer – 900 kV, 3 Amp
  • Impulse Test Facilities upto 1600 kVp, 80 kJ
  • Capacitance – Tan Delta up to 600 kV
  • Partial Discharge Test Facility upto 900 kV
  • Online 120 kA Short Circuit Test Laboratory
  • Ozone Analyser

Major Cable Products Evaluated

  • High voltage cable including XLPE insulated cables: for working voltage up to 245 kV voltage class
  • PVC insulated armored / unarmored cables
  • PVC insulated (heavy duty) electric cables
  • PE insulated cables
  • Cables for motor vehicles
  • Flexible cables for lifts and other flexible connections
  • PVC winding wires: for submersible motors
  • Elastomer- rubber insulated cables including use in mines
  • Aerial bunched cables
  • Flammability properties , FRLS tests
  • Cable accessories for power cables: For working voltages up to 245 kV
  • Solar cables for photovoltaic systems
  • Fire integrity of large diameter power cable for use as components for smoke and heat control system (fire survival cable)
  • Resistance to fire of unprotected small cable for use in emergency circuits
  • Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) cable

Expert Services - Condition Assessment of Cables

Expert services are also provided for condition assessment of cables through following:
  • Capacitance Measurement
  • Tan Delta Measurement
  • Tan Delta Tip up Measurement
  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) Tan-delta, Capacitance, & Partial Discharge (PD)
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    Research & Development

    A partial list of major R&D projects completed for cables and cable materials:
  • Development of fire resistant coating for cables
  • Study of electrical treeing behaviour in XLPE cables used and remedial measures
  • Development of FRLS cable compounds by chemical modification of PVC
  • Study on the effect of UV radiation on fire resistance characteristics of FRLS cables
  • Online condition monitoring of cables installed in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Development of nano filler based zero halogen fire resistant cable compound
  • Condition monitoring of HT cables by measurement of Capacitance & tan delta, by trending analysis using reference data of cable in good health.
  • Root causes and remedial measures for cable failures
  • Evaluation of insulating material used in cables
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