Magnetic Material Laboratory

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Magnetic Material Laboratory

Core of electrical machines such as Transformers, Motors, Generators etc. are made up of soft magnetic steels i.e. CRGO (for transformers) & CRNO (for rotating machines). Efficiency of these electrical machines, which is one of important parameters, depends on core material used. Hence, evaluation of these core materials is essential. ERDA has state-of-the-art test laboratory to undertake evaluation of soft magnetic materials evaluation i.e. CRGO & CRNO as per Indian & International Standards.

Electrical Research and Development Association

Evaluation for -

  • Physical Properties
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Electrical Properties
  • Ageing Characteristics
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  • Epstein Core Loss Tester
  • Single Sheet Core Loss Tester
  • Franklin Insulation Tester
  • Stacking Factor Equipment
  • Ductility Tester
  • Annealing Furnace and Ageing Oven
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    Products evaluated

    • Soft Magnetic Materials
      • CRGO strips (IS:649, IS:3024, IEC:60404-2,11&13,IEC:60404-8-7)
      • CRGO sheet (IS:3024, IEC:60404-3,11&13,IEC:60404-8-7)
      • CRNO strips (IS:648, IS:649, IS:15391, IEC:60404-2,11&13,IEC:60404-8-4)

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