Calibration Laboratory

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Calibration Laboratory

Calibration plays a vital role in precise measurement and quality management system. One of the important requirements in a quality system for any organization is a valid calibration system for all measurements undertaken. ERDA’s standards at calibration laboratory have traceability to NPL, New Delhi / International Standards.

Electrical Research and Development Association


  • Electro Technical Calibration
  • Thermal Calibration
  • Optical Calibration
  • Mechanical Calibration
  • Medical Devices Calibration

Major Instrument / Products calibrated at Calibration Laboratory

Instrument Calibration
  • Digital Power & Harmonics Analyzer
  • Contact Resistance Meter / Transformer Winding Resistance Meter
  • Breaker Analyzer Kit
  • SFRA Kit
  • Leakage Current Monitor
  • pH Meter
  • Conductivity Meter
More Features
  • Energy Meter Calibration (0.005 class reference meter)
  • Impulse Measuring System & High Voltage Calibration
  • CT-PT Calibration
  • Temperature Scanner, Thermometer, Temperature Bath, Lab Oven etc.
  • Lamp Calibration
  • BP Apparatus, Pulse Oximeter, Defibrillator, Pacemaker, ECG Machine
  • Universal Tensile Machine (Tension & compression Mode), Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Pressure Gauge, Weighing Balance, Industrial Gauge, Ultrasonic Thickness Meter, Jig/Fixtures

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