Solid Insulating Materials Laboratory

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Solid Insulating Materials Laboratory

The reliability and useful service life of an electrical equipment is essentially determined by the optimality of the design of its insulation system along with the quality and integrity of the insulating materials deployed for engineering the system. ERDA has state-of-the-art test laboratories to undertake evaluation of solid insulating materials which are part of various electrical equipment.

Electrical Research and Development Association


  • UV aging chamber
  • Climatic aging chamber
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Thermo-gravimetric Analyser
  • Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) tester
  • Inclined plane tracking and erosion tester
  • Arc resistance tester
  • Flammability chamber
  • 02

    Products evaluated at laboratory

    Clamps and Connectors
    • Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC)
    • Anchoring/Dead End Clamps
    • Suspension clamps
    • Tension Clamp
    • Pre insulated Distribution Joint Sleeve (MJPT)
    • Pre Insulated Terminal Lugs (CPT)
    • End Cap
    Material for Distribution Transformer
    • Insulating Kraft/Crepe Paper
    • Solid Pressboard/Precompressed Pressboard/Laminated board
    • Densified Laminated Wood/Perma Wood
    • Gasket/Cork Sheet
    • Varnish
    Solid Insulating Products
    • Cellulosic Insulating Systems
    • Composite Paper
    • Pressure Sensitive Tapes
    • FRP/SMC/DMC/Plastics/Polycarbonate
    • Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
    • Enclosures for Energy Meters
    • Jointing & Sealing Products
    Safety Products
    • Insulating Mats/Rubber Mats
    • Helmets
    • Safety Shoes
    • Fireman Axe

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