Liquid Dielectrics Laboratory for Transformer Oil

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Liquid Dielectric Laboratory

Safe operation of transformer is very important in power supply and distribution systems. It is, therefore, essential to monitor condition of transformer on continual basis. Evaluation of quality of transformer oil is one of the important tools to monitor condition of transformer. ERDA has facilities to evaluate new transformer oil i.e. before it is put in use or used oil taken-out from working transformer during its use.

Electrical Research and Development Association

Evaluation for-

  • Physical Properties
  • Chemical Properties
  • Electrical Properties
  • Ageing Characteristics
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • 02


    • Gas Chromatograph with Headspace system
    • Resistivity and Tan Delta Bridge
    • Rotating Bomb Oxidation Stability (RBOS) Test Set Up
    • Liquid Chromatograph
    • Oxidation Stability Test Set Up
    • FT-IR Spectrophotometer
    • XRF Spectrometer
    • Specialized Test facilities for –
      • Furan Content
      • DP Measurement
      • Stray Gassing tendency
      • Total Sulphur Content
      • PNA Analysis
      • Viscosity Index Test
      • Compatibility of Solid Insulating Materials with Oil

    Products evaluated at laboratory

  • Mineral Insulating Oil (New Oil) as per IS 335/IEC 60296
  • Oil in Service as per IS 1866/IEC 60422
  • Synthetic organic esters as per IS 16099/IEC 61203
  • Unused synthetic organic esters as per IS 16081/IEC 61099
  • Unused natural esters as per IS 16659/IEC 62770
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