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Sl. No. Program Title Schedule
1 One Day Workshop on EMI/EMC Evaluation Techniques for Electrical and Electronics Equipment & Machinery
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8 June, 2023
2 Two Days Workshop on High Voltage and Partial Discharge Measurement Techniques
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5-6 July, 2023
3 Two Days Workshop on design aspects and performance evaluation of motors, pumps & solar pumping system
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19-20 July, 2023
4 Two Days Workshop on Quality Assurance of wiring Accessories – Switches, Plugs & Sockets
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23-24 August, 2023
5 Two Days Workshop on Evaluation of HT, LT Cables and Accessories including Solar application Cables
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21-22 September, 2023
6 Two Days Workshop on evaluation of insulators and lightning arrestors
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18-19 October, 2023
7 One Day Evaluation techniques for Instrument Transformers (CT/PT, CTPT Units)
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3 November, 2023
8 One Day Workshop on Energy Conservation Techniques in Industries and Power Plants
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7 December, 2023
9 One Day Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Solar PV modules
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19 January,2024
10 One Day workshop on Calibration of High voltage parameters
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22 February, 2024
11 One Day Workshop on Power System Studies, Protection Audit and Power Quality Measurement
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21 March, 2024


  • Single Day Workshop
    • ERDA Members – Rs. 4,000 per participant
    • ERDA Non Members – Rs. 4,500 per participant
  • Two Day Workshop
    • ERDA Members – Rs. 7,500 per participant
    • ERDA Non Members – Rs. 9,000 per participant

GST will be charged extra as per prevailing govt. norms

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