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High Voltage Laboratory

ERDA is working on advance materials to develop nano-dielectric materials for insulation, battery electrodes and electrolytes, contact materials and novel performance enhancing coatings for applications in thermal, hydro and photovoltaic power plants.

Electrical Research and Development Association


  • Impulse Generator: 1600 kVp, 80 kJ – 2 no. & 800 kVp, 40 kJ – 1 no.
  • High Voltage Transformer: 900 kVrms, 700 kVrms & 600 kVrms

Major Facility at High Voltage Laboratory

  • HV Lightning Impulse test
  • HV Switching Impulse test
  • HV Dry / Wet Power frequency test
  • Capacitance and Tan delta measurement
  • Partial discharge measurement
  • Insulation Resistance / Polarization index
  • Losses and Temperature rise tests
  • RIV, Corona measurement
  • Multiple Chopped Test ( 600 Shots)
  • Steep Wave Front Test
  • 1000 Hours Tracking & Erosion Test
  • 5000 Hours Multi Stress Test
  • HV Calibration, CT/PT Calibration Measurement of Earthing system
  • 03

    Major Products evaluated at High Voltage Laboratory

  • Power & Distribution Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Insulators, Bushings, Isolators
  • HV Switchboards & HV Circuit Breakers
  • Transmission Line Hardware
  • HT Cables, Cable Joints & Accessories
  • LT/HT Capacitors
  • Lightning Arrester’s Housing / Lightning Arresters
  • Transformer Tap Changers
  • Corrosion Resistant Nano-Paint

    Corrosion resistant paint for Coating for Steel Structures subjected to Industrial and Marine Environment

    Important Properties
    • Paint classification after 1000 hours of salt spray test (ASTM B 895): Class – A
    • Higher impedance property implies better corrosion resistant property.
    • High scratch resistance
    • Improved hardness properties
    Salient Features:
    • Improved mechanical Properties such as Scratch Hardness, Pull of Adhesion & Impact Hardness
    • Enhanced corrosion Resistance
    Field Trials:
    • Successful field trials completed at two costal locations for comparison with conventional paint


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